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MAC-PREP CARE INC. Shares: The Facts about Children and Pretend Play!!!


-Pretend play offers children a chance to explore roles and develop imagination. They learn to interact with others, which in turn builds self-awareness, social, emotional and conversation skills, and broadens their learning opportunities.

“ Not only does play help children develop skills and concepts necessary to master literacy and math, it also builds the foundation of more general competencies that are necessary for the children to learn successfully in school and beyond.” (Coople, 2012, p.69)

-So, whether you are engaging your child in: A) Immature Play (eg. stacking blocks)-typical ages 1 to 2 years; B) Pretend play (eg. role play with objects)- typical ages 3 to 4 years; C) Mature Play (eg. imagination with props)- typical 5 to 6 years; D) More Complex Play (eg. problem solving in play)- typical school aged and beyond~ Encourage your kids to be creative, role play, and think outside the box. You don’t have to spend a lot of money (or any!) to provide your children with fun opportunities that will help them learn and grow. Hey, you might learn something in the process!

-Some facts adapted from website:                                         Copple, C. (2012). Growing minds: Building strong cognitive foundations in early childhood. Washington, D.C. :National Association for the Education of Young Children

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