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MAC-PREP CARE INC. Shares: GREAT Conversation Starters!!!

GREAT Conversation Starters!!!

To get your kids talking about their day, and avoid getting a general answer like, “it was good,” try the following conversation starters…after a snack of course!

1.    What made you smile today?

Kids don’t like to focus on the negative (who does?). Encouraging him to talk about things that make him happy opens up the doors to real conversation.

2.    Who were you a good friend to today? or Who was a good friend to you?

This type of question encourages awareness and empathy. It cues your child into the importance of kindness and reciprocation and sets the tone for future positive interactions with his peers. Yes, you are watching!

3.    What did you have for snack?

Kids tend to get excited about snack food and love to tell you what they ate. You could also turn this into a guessing game for added fun! Ex: Have your child give the first letter or sound of the food he ate.

4.    What did you read about today?

This usually opens up conversation and invites follow up questions that will encourage him to tell you about something he recently learned. It doesn’t get more engaging than that!

5.    Who did you play with today?

This could be on the playground, during centers time or after school (if you are a working parent and miss this sort of thing). It also opens you up to future play date opportunities as you get to know his circle of friends.

Still facing reluctance?

If your child is still reluctant to open up to you, consider your approach. The goal is not to interrogate your child (even if you really want to know about his life outside of your home!). Kids sense our nervousness like dogs smell fear. Take a deep breath and relax. Information will come, even if it comes from his peers at the next playdate!

Adapted from - ENJOY!!!