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MAC-Preparatory Care Inc.'s Participation in Nursery School/Summer Camp Fair!

Happy Monday!

Thank you to Parents, Children, Staff and Community Affiliates for attending our Annual Nursery School/ Day Care Summer Camp Fair hosted by Henry Waldinger Memorial Library. Both parents and children received informative information regarding varied child care programs; and enjoyed creating crafts and munching treats throughout the event!

With Gratitude and Appreciation: MAC-Preparatory CARE Inc.- Michelle Augustine (Director/ Licensed Teacher)💫

**REMINDER! Only 6 more weeks of school left!

Register for MAC-PREP CARE Inc.'s Summer Enrichment Program- Two Sessions- July 2nd-July 27th; August 6th- August 31st- Part Time/Full Time/ Extended Day Schedules until 6:00 pm. Academic Mornings (STEM Projects, Reading/Creative Writing)- Enrichment Afternoons (Crafts/Trips/Dance/Sports)- Healthy Snacks and Transportation Upon Request! DISCOUNTS STILL APPLICABLE- Don't Delay-Inquire Today! 516-253-6753💫

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